Sunday, November 4, 2012

More of the same

I continued today working on super important things.  I know you all are dying to have a tour of the house, but I can only do little bits at the time, since, 1. I keep forgetting my camera, and I am forced to take inferior pictures with my phone, so I only take a few pictures, and 2. I actually like only concentrating on little bits, so that I keep your attention.  (By "your" I mean all the two people who might or might not be reading this blog.)

So today I continued cleaning up outside by the sunroom.  The most exciting area here is the outdoor shower (!!!), that presumably was a working shower at one time, and I can't wait to make it so again.

Here is a picture:

The door next to the shower goes to the garage.  No idea what they were going to do with the half finished roofed part, but after I managed to move all the wood to the opposite part of the property, (see last blog entry), I realized that that would be a great, protected place to keep fire wood.  Oh well, I need to find some more volunteers to move firewood aimlessly from one place to another.

And if you are thinking, "why in the world would anyone want an outdoor shower for no reason", (well, I don't think you ever need a reason for an outdoor shower, but still...) now I can let you in on a little secret.  A much debated (read: fought) over secret:  There is a swimming pool.  A beautifully built, stoneworked, (not a verb you say? It's my blog!) multi-level swimming pool.
The long suffering husband wants to fill it in, whereas the rest of the world wants to keep it.  More on this later, because I just can't get into it now.  Let me just leave you with a picture of, not the pool, but Bendi heading in the general vicinity of the pool.  That ought to be exciting enough:

Now, just so you don't complain that I don't show you enough, here is a picture of Bendi on top of, what we should maybe start calling the "wood shed":

He conveniently discovered that if he walks up from the woodshed roof to the sunroom roof to the house roof, he can get into his room through one of his windows.  He only noticed this, he hasn't done it, but I can already see that as a teenager, this is going to be his preferred method.

I will also show you a picture of the sunroom, about which I am super excited, and can't wait to populate it it with my plants:

Next are a couple of pictures of the front/side of the house, depending on your point of view, in one of which you can see my little helper taking down all-year-round red and white Christmas lights of a beautiful old pear tree. (I think I heard the tree breathe a sigh of relief.)

(Please don't take my licence plate number and do whatever-it-is-people-could-possible-do-with-a-licence-plate-number, I don't really want to spend the time trying to black out the number as I see professionals do.)

And now, just so you don't complain about me teasing you too much without giving you anything, here are a couple of pictures of the kitchen:

Yes, there is a fireplace in the kitchen.  Yes, I know I'm lucky.

That's it for today, please make some comments you couple of sweet individuals who have nothing better to do than to read about my trifle wanderings.

                                                                                                                            Thank you.


  1. Congratulations on your new home! It looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! I didn't know about your blog. Anyway, you'll have to come over, I think it is easier to get away from the critters at this place than it was at the old one.

  2. Awesome! We can't wait to come see it! Let us know if you need help...I have three pretty accomplished wood-schleppers you know.

    1. Oh yes, you have to come! Let's find a time!

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  4. csak hogy bebizonyitsam hogy nem a pici betukkel van a gond irok neked ide is. :-) azt akartam irni mondani commentkent, hogy poen kedveert lefodittatam a googleval a blogodat magyarra es eleg vicces dolog lett belole. (neha vicces de inkabb szornyu) azert olvasd el. puszi